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Art & tourism


The tourism industry has always had a strong correlation with the local art and artists. Art related tourism is a big thing and only getting larger as the scope is slowly getting recognized and exploited to its potential.


Art & hospitality/hotels


Hotels play a big role in showcasing indigenous visual culture and local artists by giving them an apt platform and desired exposure. The hospitality industry has traditionally been a conducive platform and is progressively getting instrumental in creating a bridge between art and the rest of the world.


Artistic Branding


When incorporated in a clever manner branding in the guise of art has been found to have an impressive brand recognition and recollection. Brand recollection is one of the most important aspects of marketing and placement of a certain brand. An artwork that finds place in a particular hotel can quite effectively add on to the brand appeal.


Artistic Interaction


In a hotel when a guest or traveler gets an opportunity to live amongst some masterpieces, sleep around them or to take part in its creation by adding on to it, the traveler takes some priceless memories with him while leaving behind a part of his soul.




Theme Driven


This is a particularly extensive décor and art integration style where a theme is conceptualized and the entire hotel décor is planned and executed keeping that particular theme in mind. Each piece, frame, sculpture or any other form of artwork is designed and placed as per this very theme.




This style of décor consists of tastefully chosen collection of pieces that are brought together with a balanced artistic eye. This style of décor is a lot more liberal and is based on the principle of putting together well chosen stunning pieces that are bound to look together, even though they might not fall under any particular theme of décor.


City Features


The city becomes an inspiration for the hotel in this unusual theme. Taking elements from the visual culture and artistic sensibilities of the city and its inherent aesthetics. The heritage, history and social landmarks find place in this style of artistic décor. The hotel in these cases becomes a memorable experience for a guest who is introduced and familiarized with the city through this wonderful gallery.




An energetic and dynamic style of décor showcases art pieces for a limited period of time and the whole décor of the room changes giving way to a fresh new look at regular intervals. This hotel holds interest for a traveler as each visit comes with a pleasant surprise.


Showcasing Art For Sale


Showcasing art for sale is a unique concept where the hotel premises are loaded with stunning pieces for the travelers to admire spend some time with and take home the one they fall in love with. Artists, travelers and the hotel, everybody wins.




A traveler visits the hotel and becomes a part of an artistic process. The hotel becomes an ever evolving piece of art as the guests live within this masterpiece and add on to it. The unique aspect of these hotels becomes the two way process and interaction of the destination and the traveler. The memory to take back is that of a fabulous amalgamation of two cultures interacting beautifully on a common platform – the hotel.






When art finds its due place in the hospitality industry there are favorable economic connotations to the same. The economy of the place is strengthened through an influx of art tourists and enthusiasts who enjoy the experience. The employment opportunities are enhanced through art projects for the local artists and craftsmen. The city’s art and culture gets an exposure inviting further investments and tourism.




The social impact of art integration into the hospitality industry of a particular place is manifold. Socially relevant issues and the unique traits of the society are showcased through art that finds place in the hotels. A social interaction of the travelers with the local art and artists leads to a society that comes out stronger than ever fortified with contemporary elements of a globalized society.




The indigenous culture of a society or community only gains from a healthy interaction with other cultures. This fortification is facilitated by encouraging tourism and a creating a dynamic cultural melting pot. When a local culture takes on elements from a foreign culture, the resultant culture is certainly a stronger and more rooted version of the same.




In most cities the heritage and history has taken a back seat and is in danger of getting lost. It is through a rich collaboration of art and hospitality industry that heritage finds a glammed up space to return to the limelight and find the right audience. This becomes a channel to promote, revive and bring to light the lost heritage and the glorious past.






As travelers land in the midst of a cultural and artistically charged up hotels, they are greeted with a representative of the local culture. The hotels thus introduce the guests to the local culture and help them familiarize with it.


Two-way Exposure


There is a rich exchange of cultural capital as a traveler comes to visit a new place. This exchange is eased when the chosen hotel has a generous display of art integrated into its décor. A traveler is exposed to the indigenous culture of the city he is travelling to and the city itself is exposed to the culture of the travelers.


Cultural Fortification


Through a two way exposure and exchange of cultural values the resident culture and the travelers’ culture are both fortified. It is a trait of any culture to draw strength from interaction with other cultures. Hence art tourism or cultural tourism through such hotels is only going to further fortify the resident/local culture making it even more resilient.




It is a known fact that when an individual is engaged in a process or activity, there is a bond or connection that forms. So when a traveler or an art enthusiast gets an opportunity to interact actively or as an observer with art in the place that he chooses to stay, it can only create some awesome memories.


Whether they buy, help create or live with the artworks showcased or being made in the hotel, the travelers engage and leave their own imprints. It is this experience that creates a two-way impression where the travelers get to take a piece from the hotel even as they leave a piece of their own behind.


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