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Owning Original Art

Owning Original Art

To own an original piece of art is an unparalleled experience. It incites a sense of euphoria, a general happiness and positivity. The most obvious sentiment that hanging up or showcasing your newest acquisition is sheer nascent happiness and this is what is most cherished by people. We do all enjoy a euphoria and especially one that is induced by a creative endeavor or a work of art. This ethereal euphoria may begin even before you even start the proceedings to acquire the desired art work. The anticipation and excitement of searching for and finally deciding upon the famed work of art can be really big! This sense of euphoria tends to be the greatest for the first buy for most, but for some this feeling never lessens no matter how many more times they buy art after that. Collecting art becomes more than a hobby, a passion, an addiction almost.


The aesthetic quality that a canvas or a sculpture adds to the room it is showcased in is one of the most evident benefits of collecting art. The way a work of art alters the entire space it adorns is one of the prime intent and consideration before actually acquiring the piece. The feeling of bringing the décor of the room to an apt completion with the highest point being the art that you choose to display is enriching. A work of art, whether it is an oil canvas or a glorious piece of sculpture tends to become the focal point and an inspiration for interesting conversations and more.


A work of art that hangs in a room or is otherwise displayed in the room can either compliment the décor or be a total contrast. In case this piece is bought to blend in with the rest of the décor, it usually is to give a final finishing touch to a perfect and completely done up room. However, there is another way to go, by making the work of art stand out from the rest of the room. This is a preferred way to showcase your latest acquisition and ensure that the artwork is noted, appreciated, and talked about by everyone who witnesses it.


To own an original and showcase it creates and builds a reputation of the owner or the collector, one of a unique individuality and an eye for the real thing. This usually also extends to create a persona of success and that of a certain standing in the society. This is so particularly in the case of original oils and in the case of bronze sculptures. The impression or the general air of success that such possessions carry with them may not even be true, but it is the impression that matters. A collector might differ in the way they decide to collect, a number of small pieces of a particular artist, or probably buy the largest one they can afford. It doesn’t matter; what matters is that it shows what a collector can really afford – an original piece of great art.


Some great acquisitions especially the originals actually tend to increase in value over a period of time. Some collectors or buyers have absolutely no intent to sell their purchases, but actually build the base for an inheritance they may leave for their children. In other cases some people actually tend to have a purely financial motive for buying an original piece of art and the potential future value of the artwork may actually be a contributory deciding factor in buying a piece.


There is a great variety of reasons to buy and collect art, but the most important is the passion and love for art that the buyer carries for it. The original works of art need to be respected, treates sensitively, and appreciated for many more years to come.

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