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Why Do People Collect

Why Do People Collect

The passion to collect stems from as many different motivations as there are collectors. Everyone has their own reasons to begin this unique hobby or passion for collecting. There are collectors who have gone to great lengths to travel for new acquisitions, giving up their lifestyles in an endeavor to build not just a collection but a legacy that they may leave behind for the future generations.


Collecting is a basal human instinct, an instinct for survival by eons of natural selection. In the pre-historic era, it has been established that those who managed to collect the scarce objects may have a higher chance of survival and subsequent proliferation. Today accumulation and possession of wealth indicates a higher chance of survival and collecting is one of the most prominent ways of amassing great and lasting wealth.


Sometimes however, the more relevant reason why one collects stems from a much longer-term goal in seeking them. It is prudent to understand your goals in an effort to even try and achieve them. The first priority for any collector is a deep self-awareness exercise in order to form an apt plan for building up a collection one may actually desire. This might even help one predict a broad evolution of their own ambitions through the remainder of their lives.


Apart from the reasons that we have mentioned beforehand here is a succinct list of some of the most common reasons why one tends to indulge in the art and the act of collecting.


Knowledge & Learning. A good percentage of collectors especially those that are interested in the arts begin to collect with the underlying intent and interest for attaining more and more knowledge and enhance their learning.
Relaxation & Stress Reduction. Art collection and being surrounded by arts are proven to bring in a sense of calm and relaxation. Like any other hobby, collecting acts as a release for all the stress that you build up with your tough day jobs.
Personal pleasure. Art brings in a sense of euphoria and creative satisfaction. Collecting art and appreciating it, tends to bring in unparalleled personal delight to those who collect for the sheer love of art.
Social Interaction. Being a collector gives you access to an exclusive network of collectors. When one pursues it as an activity, collecting opens up great avenues for social interaction and for sharing information with fellow enthusiasts.
Competitive challenge. At a particular juncture in life there tend to be very few things that may excite or challenge you. Collecting induces a little bit of a competitive challenge among fellow enthusiasts or collectors to acquire the pieces that you covet.
Recognition. Big buys or some rarities that you may acquire can actually put you out in the limelight. A great collection builds up fame not only in the world of collectors but even beyond.
Altruism. Some of the greatest collections have actually ended up being donated to museums and other institutions of learning and art. This aspect of collecting has actually a noble and intellectual connotation to it.
Nostalgia. The connection or a desire to connect to a particular aspect of history can actually motivate an entire collection and nostalgia plays a big part in it.
Accumulation and diversification of wealth. One of the hardest and most practical reasons one begins to collect is to make money. Collecting art has become an interesting and a unique way to amass great wealth


These, however are not the only reasons that people get into this intriguing hobby of collecting. There are as many reasons to collect as there are collectors in this challenging and exhilarating arena of artistic endeavors.

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