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Art & Crafts Crossover

Art & Crafts Crossover

There is a general confusion among laypeople as to the difference between the arts and crafts. Both are known to be acts of pure creativity that have a strong sense and component of aesthetics.


Art comes from an emotional place, a medium of expression where other media fail. Artists have known to find solace and peace through the act of creating a masterpiece that helps them release their emotional anguish to convey an idea. It is an unstructured act with no limits to the kind of emotions it draws from or from the range of expression it may offer. It is open ended with endless interpretations depending on the cultural background, baggage, and perceptions of those that interact with it. Art forms or forms of art are known to move people on an emotional level, invoking feelings and stirring up intimate reactions and sentiments.


It is impossible to quantify art or to make replicas or duplicates of it without taking away the essence of art and artworks. Art comes from the heart and soul of the creator and travels to the heart and soul of the admirer or observer or audience. Art is the culmination of an artist’s inner talents and is created as they unleash their inner emotions or sentiments through various materials and mediums.


The act of crafts making is structured, regimented, and planned with a certain visible form. It is an activity that has a pre-decided resultant form that is tangible and is the real intent of it all. Craft can easily be quantified and is easily duplicated. It is an inherent trait of the crafts to attract people.


Craft is essentially born in the mind and needs a considerable amount of practice before some really intricate forms can be achieved through it. It is a skill based activity that gets better with repetition and continuous practice and experience. The craftsman when he begins to craft out a product has a clear idea about the final outcome or the form of the product that they intend to come up with at the end of it.


There are however instances where craft has transcended into the world of crafts making. Sometimes a skill acquired through the ages or a crafts making attribute is used or employed as a component to create a bigger artistic picture. In such cases the bigger picture or the whole is of an artistic inclination and craft or skill of crafts making becomes a mere medium or material to achieve the vision. When crafts are produced with an intent to express one’s emotions, or something is created with an intricate craft but with no intended practical use, the boundaries seem to merge and crafts and art become one.

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