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Great Names in Recycled Art

Great Names in Recycled Art


In the consumerism ridden world that we are a part of, the amount of trash especially plastic waste, we produce on a daily basis is alarming. We all seem to know the significance of recycling, however hardly do we ever stop and realize the importance of forgetting that one small bottle. These artists have however made an impressive effort in gently reminding you of the ways in which we tend to waste, by re-using materials that might have been thrown away as a waste.


Aurora Robson


She is doing more than a common man’s share of cleaning up the cycle and has by far retrieved 30,000 plastic bottles and stopped them from going into the landfill, water bodies, or even the very expensive recycling system. These plastic bottles as a material may seem unyielding and cold, but after they go through Robson’s magic they turn into gorgeous organic sculptures and installations that reflect the marine life and space. Apart from these intriguing three dimensional art forms, Robson also works at collages that have been crafted out of her own junk-mail.


Julia Anne Goodman


Junk mail is the favored material for Julia Anne Goodman too as she sculpts and cuts and mashes recycled paper into pulp and reforms these into massive sculptures. Her inspiration and fascination with creating works of art while recycling paper began with her endeavor in 2003 to make her own paper. “Certain is Nothing Now” her sculpture that she crafted completely out of blue junk mail collected locally, and formed like a massive tornado shaped vortex that acts as a metaphor comparing paper waste to the humungous disarray and damage left behind by these tornadoes.


Miwa Koizumi


Miwa Koizumi an incredible artist applied an expert hand of heat gun to some trashed water bottles and created an aquarium of “PET”s (PET – Polyethylene terephthalate the plastic material used to make these bottles and then her sculptures), playfully “adopting” irresponsibly discarded recyclables. These sea creatures might look happy and lively, the underlined emphasis may be on the numerous plastic bottles that end up in the ocean causing pollution and a concerning imbalance in the marine ecosystem.


Sumer Erek


Sumer Erek consider newspapers a powerhouse of experiences for all those that are featured in it. His work “Newspaper House” is essentially a house made out of used newspapers. He describes house as a “repository for nationhood, identity and belonging”. As he used the old newspapers to make a house of them, he reincarnated the lifeless newspapers and utilized the words and pictures they contained to convert into a structure to house the characteristics of all those that have been a part of the reports carried in the papers.


Caroline Saul


Harboring a passion for all that is headed to the landfills, Caroline Saul has accomplished to create an entire chain of “Bulbous forms”. These Bulbous Forms are fabricated from melted, reshaped, and stained plastic objects. Plastics that had a hard, unyielding appearance after going through this transformation gain a delicate softness.


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