How to Light Up the Kids’ Imagination – II – Karabi Art
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How to Light Up the Kids’ Imagination – II

How to Light Up the Kids’ Imagination – II

We have talked about imagination and how parents at home and teachers in the school can take small, well designed activities to fire up the kids’ minds. It is through a conscious effort that the coveted qualities of imagination and creativity are encouraged and honed.


When kids have healthy imagination the benefits are quite evident and proven by child-development experts. Children with evolved imagination are happier, more observant, better equipped to cope with the ups and downs of life and more likely to grow into well-adjusted, secure grown-ups.


It is not just the artists, sculptors or designers who need the qualities of imagination and creativity. Imagination and the associated set of qualities are important in all walks of life, whether the kids grow up to be a CEO, a political leader, an entrepreneur or white collar professionals. Enhanced observation and unparalleled problem solving skills fires up an innovative thinking all stemming from a powerful imagination.


It is imperative for the children to handle materials, get acquainted by them and then explore them in a new light altogether. Through a series of well planned activities the kids’ begin to imagine worlds that we, as adults never would think possible. Some activities that may be employed to this end are as follows.


  1. Stories of the Art – accompany the kids to an art museum. As you stand in the center of the exhibition hall and admire the whole collection from a distance, ask for the kid’s favorite work of art. Walk up to the art work, get closer and observe the work with the kid. Ask your kid to weave a story about the work of art in front of him while subtly putting forth some elaborate questions of an open ended nature. This can continue while moving from piece to piece as the child entangles each piece in the web of story that they carefully weave.
  2. Game of the lost – every house has an assortment of items that are believed to be junk but are not worthless enough to be thrown out. Get the child to pick out from this junk, 10-12 pieces that have no apparent information available. With these dozen or so pieces, the help of a poster or cardboard and some markers, get them to come up with their own board game with their own set of rules.

  3. No Brush Painting – Break the taboo of a brush! Encourage the children to pick up anything around the house, broken pieces of odd objects, strings, strips of fabric, broken pencils, rubber bands or sponges. Supply the child with washable paints, big sheets of paper and an undisturbed space to create their own masterpieces.

  4. Reinventing the universe – the kids are learning about all kinds of new stuff about the world around them. One of the primary subjects is the solar systems. As the children learn about the planets, their movement, their traits and their names, there is an amazement associated with the magnanimity of the universe itself. Get your kid to think up of new names for the planets in the solar system with reasons and let their imagination soar.

  5. Treasure troves of stories – give you child some time to walk around the house, common areas like the living rooms, the kitchen and so on. Ask him to pick up any three objects in these parts of the house which they might not have noticed or paid little attention to. Once these three objects are presented to you, tell them all about these objects, as to who gave them, why they are put in that spot, why did you save it or any other story or factoid attached to it. From then on tell the child to make up their own story that would tie the three together.

It is these activities and so many more that are sure to nurture the imaginative powers of your child and bring about some fabulous changes in them.

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