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Advice For Artists When Donating To a Charity

Advice For Artists When Donating To a Charity

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We all feel a little generous around the holidays. The spirit of festivities translates into our work, home and personal spaces. As an artist this is the time, in general when one tends to look at places or ways to give back to the community that has helped them in their lives in any capacity or to donate to the causes that have been close to their hearts for varied reasons. Donating art to the charity is one of the most intriguing and generous ways for an artist to do their bit. Here’s some advice on how to do that without going overboard and regret it later.

Most artists are approached multiple times a year for donations to various auctions being conducted for charity. It may be for charities for children, for a particular disease, a disability, or for an underprivileged section of the society. Some artists also choose to donate a portion of the proceeds or profits from the sale of their artworks to organizations, non-profits, or charitable trusts that they find a connection to. Through these gestures derive a positivity from the act of contributing the artwork that they create. It is also a great way to forge a bind with the local community and be exposed to prospective art buyers.

Some artists prefer donating their works of art instead of money, as it gives them a sense of personal belonging and brings in a special touch. It is however wise to choose the organization with some thought to the role these might play in the artist’s life and the manner in which they complement the forms of connection the artist may already have with these organizations and their work.

While choosing a charity it is prudent to favor charities that provide a tax receipt for the donation, will keep an eye on the worth of the artwork being auctioned and provide you with a feedback. You may also look for people who would display your donation in the best possible light with ample promotion materials that would highlight and showcase you to the audience. It is advisable to work out these details beforehand in order to avoid any disappointment later. It is a good idea to have a sit down with the organizers of the event and discuss the offers and expectations from both ends so that everyone feels included and is satisfied with the decision making. The key to having a healthy discussion is to keep it friendly and humble, especially when you are happy to donate for a cause you feel for and they are happy that you have an interest in helping them.

Some of the artists have taken the opportunity to present their own work at such events and enjoy seeing how their art is received. It is a great way to make new contacts, garner some publicity and a great way to analyze the reactions and reception of the chosen artwork. While some of the artists find this an exhilarating and constructive experience, many consider it nerve wracking and would not want ot go through with it.

As a practice some points that might help you as an artist decide the course of the donation you decide to make are listed as under.

• It is best to ask for the tax receipt for the estimated value of the artwork beforehand and not wait for the amount it actually sells for at the auction.
• Ensure that your work is showcased in the best possible manner with enough promotional material to accompany it and to bring your name and contact details as the highlight.
• In case you have a particular venue in mind, feel free to approach them with an offer to donate.
• Most important however is to research the institution thoroughly and donate only for the causes that you truly feel for and believe in.
• Instead of the monetary or any other profits, it is the pure joy and satisfaction from making a contribution which should be paramount.
How was your experience making a donation to a charity? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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