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Tips For A Fun Experience At An Art Fair

Tips For A Fun Experience At An Art Fair

Art fairs are an experience that make a special mark on those that are associated with art in any capacity. The bigger art fairs are lucrative for art lovers as they offer convenience, accessibility and the sheer volume of information all at one venue. These fairs effectively shrink the world as they tackle the need to for people to travel outside of their very own cocoons. In the current time and age with limited attention span and wide spectrum that calls out our attention, these fairs are a great way to attain the maximum information in a compressed timeframe. There, however are a few pointers that might actually help you extract the most in the shortest possible time.

Keep An Open Mind

In this digital age it is hard to keep anything a surprise anymore. To make the experience of an art fair truly rewarding, it is important to resist the urge to look into the digital reviews, social media splashes, and any art news snippets. The mystery of the art event is best enjoyed as it unfolds right in front of you in its real form and environ and not on a white screen.

Pace It Right

The fairs are, in general, designed in a particular grid or a particular flow and it is only logical to follow that to truly engage with it in the way it was designed. It is, however, quite easy to wander off the course, unless you are accompanied by someone who is extremely organized. There is also another way to do it. If there is a particular, style, artist, time period or subject that is of particular interest to you, it is better to start from that. Absorb the most of what excites you the most, because as time passes by the energy diminishes and tiredness begins to set in. This change in physiology may have a strong bearing on the judgement and even the good works may look bad then.

Feet & Food

In general it is a good advice to stay hydrated but not at the art fairs. It is not advisable to take in too much of fluids as the facilities at these venues are widely spaced and sometimes it might mean missing out on some of the works. Walking through the art fairs can actually tire you out and it is always a great idea to wear comfortable shoes and take frequent and small breaks, it is a good idea to eat before or after the event and not during.

Do Not Hesitate To Interact

Being in an art fair is a great opportunity to interact with the staff especially the directors who might not stick around till after the VIP openings as has become a norm. This is not the time to hesitate but an opportunity to shed all the inhibitions and speak up. This is one of the rare opportunities where a leading professionals panel is listening to you speak. It is important to pick up the business cards, take pictures of what you like and what you don’t and pictures of wall labels to refresh the memories later on.

Put Your Shopping Shoes on

The art fairs are essentially high-end bazaars for shoppers with a taste and money to shop. It is a great idea to buy some art and support the art ecosystem. The market conditions are such that the element of pause has been reintroduced and price research and due diligence on provenance and conditions etc. are more vital than ever before. A pre-decided budget, self-discipline, some well asked questions, and well placed discount requests. It is advisable to wait for the longest duration possible to be in a position to avail more reasonable offers.

Fairs offer a lot more than art, they offer you experiences, fun, and a whole lot of learning about this mesmerizing world.

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